Whale opens ward to treat COVID-19.

Posted on June 4, 2020 - Updated June 5, 2020

Costed by Vale, the reform created a new space for the care of patients infected with the disease.

The Hospital da Baleia, in Belo Horizonte, a philanthropic institution that mainly serves patients via the Unified Health System (SUS), has sought to adapt to the need to treat patients with COVID-19. One of the ways found was through the support of Vale, which donated renovation, labor and all the necessary structure for the creation of a new wing. The Wing was officially handed over today, 4/6, in the presence of authorities, such as the vice-mayor of Belo horizonte, Paulo Lamac, the Secretary of Government of the State of Minas Gerais, Mateus Simões, the state deputy, Arlen Santiago, in addition to representatives and directors of Baleia and Vale.

The inaugurated space has 34 beds for the care of low and medium complexity patients, suspected or confirmed with COVID-19 and graduates of the Intensive Care Center. After the pandemic, the beds will be allocated to the Palliative Care service, reinforcing the hospital's humanized care. The company is also carrying out repairs and necessary adaptations in two other Wards of the Institution, where there are 70 beds of Intensive Care for the care of patients, who still need to be equipped with multiparameter monitors and mechanical fans, to be made available to the population.

Named Célia Guimarães Diniz, the Wing honors the former director-president of the Benjamin Guimarães Foundation / Hospital da Baleia that she headed between 1968 and 2001, preceding the institution's current manager, Tereza Guimarães Paes. The space is on the third floor of the Maria Ambrosina unit, the most emblematic building of the Hospital.

According to the hospital's medical advisor, Carolina Mourão, with these new beds, Baleia expands its capacity to more than 200 hospital beds.

We have to assist our patients with suspected COVID-19, in addition to some cases that are already being transferred by the Municipal Health Department.

The Hospital still needs support to assist patients, but the expansion of the service capacity already helps a lot.

Considering patients with the new disease, which require an average of 7 days of hospitalization per patient, we can consider that each of these beds accommodates around 4 patients per month. This work greatly increases our service capacity. There are 145 more patients per month.

Dr. Carolina Mourão, advisor to the Technical Superintendence of Hospital da Baleia

Danielle Ferreira, the institution's Mobilization and Resources manager, points out that Baleia has philanthropy in its DNA.

Most of our patients belong to the risk group, as they treat chronic illnesses. Over the more than 75 years of experience, our focus is on serving needy people. And it is with the help of several partners that we have built an important legacy of solidarity.

Danielle Ferreira, manager of Mobilization and Resources of the Institution.

She also reinforces that all the support provided over the more than 75 years of the Hospital's trajectory serves to guarantee the continuity of traditional treatments, such as Oncology and Hemodialysis.

Without this, it would not be possible to provide quality health care, let alone cover assistance to people with COVID-19.

Danielle Ferreira, manager of Mobilization and Resources of the Institution.

And it is with the objective of ensuring the excellent medical-hospital service to the population, that the Hospital has partner companies. Therefore, Baleia asks for help from legal and physical persons. Artists can also help the Hospital with the organization of charitable cultural lives. There are several ways to help Whale. There are several ways to help Baleia, choose yours by clicking here.

Many coinscidences:

In addition to the reform, the Institution was surprised by a beautiful coincidence. Evaldo Braga, general project manager at BRG Engineering (company hired by Vale), in 1973, treated congenital clubfoot at the Institution. 47 years have passed and Evaldo has had the opportunity to participate in environmental reform. This only shows that the Hospital da Baleia is part of the trajectory of thousands of miners, as well as that of Evaldo. Check out the before and after the renovation and, also, this story!

Health reference

At the disposal of the miners, there are more than 25 medical specialties and Reference Centers in Adult and Pediatric Oncology, Nephrology (Hemodialysis and Kidney Transplantation), Orthopedics, Pediatrics and Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery, in addition to the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Cleft Palate and Craniofacial Deformities ( Center). Built during another epidemic as deadly as tuberculosis, Baleia has always been concerned with taking care of those most in need. Since that time, the Hospital has relied on resources and voluntary donations to carry out its mission in providing health services to miners with excellence. Every year, there are more than 600 thousand medical procedures for the citizens of 88% of the municipalities in Minas Gerais - the majority coming from the Unified Health System (SUS).