Whale suffers from abusive prices of medical supplies

The Institution talks about a 3.300% increase in the value of disposable masks.

As with the sale to the final consumer, the prices of medical materials important for patient care are inflated. The philanthropic Hospital da Baleia - which reinvents itself annually to raise funds and reduce the financial deficit left by the public service - has found it difficult to purchase basic products for the institution. Suppliers of medical supplies, such as surgical masks and procedure gloves, have changed their prices in the face of the new coronavirus pandemic. According to the supply manager of Hospital da Baleia, Leonardo Oliveira, the common disposable mask was found in January for R $ 0,10. In early March, the value had risen to R $ 1,80. In the last week, it reached R $ 3,40. An abusive increase of 1.700% and 3.300% over the first month of the year. The N95 mask, required for the use of professionals in contact with patients infected with the coronavirus, went from R $ 2,80 in January to R $ 5,00 in the beginning of March, and R $ 5,90 in the last week, representing , respectively, 78% and 109% readjustment. “The situation is even more serious for a Philanthropic Institution like Baleia, which depends on donations to pay its bills and continue to take care of the miners. We are going to have a complicated period out there in the economy for all sectors of the market and we see that health will be harmed by this ”, highlights Leonardo. He also says that other supplies such as alcohol 70 and saline, essential in the hospital service, in addition to chemotherapy drugs, also had their prices increased.


Built during another as deadly epidemic, Baleia has always been concerned with taking care of those most in need. Since that time, the Hospital relied on the allocation of resources and voluntary donations to carry out its mission in providing health services to miners with excellence. The Hospital da Baleia has, once again, the support of the mining society. The reason is clear and known worldwide: to care for patients with suspected / confirmed COVID-19 infection. The pandemic that is plaguing the world has reached the state capital and has been alarmingly increasing the number of sick people. With that, Baleia has stopped its elective activities (those that are not urgent) and is preparing to act in the reception of infected patients, in the treatment and, if necessary, in the admission of serious cases in its ICU. For the treatment of each inpatient, 6 professionals are needed, including doctors, nurses and technicians, physiotherapist, nutritionist, hygiene team, among others. In order to protect these professionals, Baleia asks for support for the purchase of disposable materials, such as masks, gloves, surgical gowns and goggles. Each kit of disposable materials costs R $ 35. In order for the team to be always safe, they need to change the kit with each service. In addition, we will also need to purchase more expensive equipment, such as respirators and vital data meters, and expand the staff in the area of ​​assistance.

For this reason, the support of miners is so important. Help Whale on this journey against the coronavirus. To help, it's easy. Access hospitaldabaleia.org.br/doar-agora and allocate the amount you want. Payment can be made by credit and debit cards, direct debit or bank slip.