Whale launches campaign to combat COVID-19.

Posted on May 28, 2020 - Updated June 23, 2020

Hospital prepares for care of patients suspected / confirmed of the disease and asks for donations.

A new fundraising campaign, promoted by the philanthropic Hospital da Baleia, has been on the air since March, with the aim of raising funds to combat COVID-19. Discovered in China, the new disease spread across the world quickly and arrived in Brazil in February. The capital of Minas Gerais, where Baleia is located, had its first case confirmed on March 16.

Baleia has suspended all elective activities (which are not urgent) and is preparing to receive patients with suspected and confirmed COVID-19 infection. Every change is expensive, in addition to requiring special care with health professionals who will have direct contact with those infected. Each year, the Hospital performs about 600 thousand medical procedures, among them, there are the elective procedures and in three months, it is estimated that Baleia will lose R $ 15 million in revenue.

There are some financial difficulties, however, now, the main one is the purchase of supplies and hospital supplies for the safety of the medical team and care for COVID-19 patients. Each professional must be equipped with gloves, surgical gowns, masks, face shields and glasses, in addition to the constant use of alcohol gel. For the treatment of each inpatient, 6 professionals are needed, including doctors, nurses and technicians, physiotherapist, nutritionist, hygiene team, among others.

In order to protect these professionals, Baleia asks for support for the purchase of disposable materials. Each kit costs R $ 35,00 and so that the team is always safe, they need to change the kit for each service. In addition, we will also need to purchase more expensive equipment, such as respirators and vital data meters, and expand the staff in the area of ​​assistance.

The abusive price of disposable materials is one of the obstacles for the Hospital, so we need help from the entire mining population, which has been welcoming us with such affection for 75 years and receiving our care when necessary. Together, we are stronger and we will win this fight against COVID-19.

Donate! Keep helping us save lives. Access www.hospitaldabaleia.org.br/doar-agora and allocate the amount you want. Payment can be made by credit and debit cards, direct debit or bank slip.

Check here the partners of this campaign:

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