Why the Hospital da Baleia
need you?

To ensure the continuity of quality service.

Philanthropic arm of the Benjamin Guimarães Foundation, the Friends of Baleia Network seeks to ensure improvements in care and infrastructure for its patients through donations and partnerships to fund services.


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(31) 3489-1653 | www.amigosdobaleia.org.br

Want to help? There are several ways

Hospital da Baleia accepts several types of donations: financial, corporate and even your time as a volunteer in our teams. Click below on the option of your choice:


Hospital da Baleia takes care of who is important to you. Take care of the Baleia you too! Individuals or legal entities can donate any amount via deposit in the following account:

Caixa Econômica Federal (104)

Favored: Benjamin Guimarães Foundation
CNPJ: 17.200.429 / 0001-25
Agency: 0092
Current Account: 503027-3
Operation: 03

Monthly Donation

You, the individual, can donate monthly through discounts on Copasa, Cemig, Oi accounts or by direct payment on your credit card. Sign up in the form below or call (31) 3431-1800:

Time donation

The Hospital da Baleia Volunteer Program encourages citizenship and solidarity actions, through individual voluntary practices, organized groups, educational institutions and companies, to promote humanized care to patients, companions and support to the administrative areas of the Hospital.

To become a volunteer, please contact us by phone (31) 3489-1653 or email voluntariado@hospitaldabaleia.org.br

The Volunteer Program aims to:

  1. Promote and support assistance, socio-educational, cultural and spiritual actions for patients, companions and employees of Hospital da Baleia;
  2. Recruit, select, train and motivate people to develop voluntary actions;
  3. Guarantee the legal basis for the practice of volunteering, in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Voluntary Service (Law No. 9.608, of February 18, 1998), without generating labor and social security rights;
  4. Promote the integration between HB volunteers, patients and employees;
  5. Promote the development and updating of volunteers through training and integrative activities;

Criteria for volunteering at Hospital da Baleia

  1. Minimum age of 18 years;
  2. Students aged between 16 and 18 years old will be accepted, as long as they are linked to socio-educational projects of Educational Institutions and authorized by parents and guardians;
  3. Present good physical and emotional health conditions;
  4. Minimum availability of 2 hours per week for voluntary work;
  5. Present a vaccination card and a good background certificate.

Access the Hospital da Baleia Volunteer Manual here.

Donation of goods

Did you know that it is possible to donate a property to the Hospital da Baleia?

With its sale, the Institution raises a substantial amount that can help a lot to save lives. Even if it is restricted by usufruct, the property can be used as a donation to Baleia.

Donation of real estate without restriction: it has to be formalized by a Public Deed, which can be done in any Notary's Office. After that, send the deed to the Real Estate Registry Office and your donation is made. Communicate the fact to the Friends Network.

Donation of real estate with restriction: if the property is in usufruct, the usufructuary shall have the right to use, lend, rent and enjoy the property while it is alive. The ownership of the property will only be transferred to the Foundation after the death of the usufructuary. The property cannot be sold while the usufructuary is in his possession.

Donation limits: by law, those who wish to donate their assets and have descendants (children) or living ascendants (parents, grandparents) can only donate a maximum of 50% of their assets.

Donation of inputs

Hospital da Baleia needs your help also with supplies for different needs. See the list of suggestions for donation *:

  • Food: rice, beans, coffee, sugar, coconut water (in box), standard enteral diet (Nutrison Standard 1000 ml), whole milk, powdered milk, biscuit (various);
  • Hospital supplies: disposable hospital gloves (sizes P and M that can be found in pharmacies), disposable hospital cap (which can be found in pharmacies, geriatric diapers (sizes G and GG), wheelchairs, bath chair.
  • Personal hygiene: soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, absorbent, shaver.
  • Clothing: sweater, hat, scarf, slippers, new socks.
  • Miscellaneous: blanket.
* may vary from month to month.

Encourage donations

How about turning special occasions into opportunities to help Whale?

Bazaars, birthdays, artistic presentations, sports competitions, social gatherings at work can turn into solidarity actions. We provide materials for publicity at your event, such as a flyer with the Institution's donation channels and banner, and, depending on the amount collected, we publish your incentive on our official channels.

Solidarity products

In this option, there is a mobilization on the part of the partner who wishes to promote a product or service in favor of the Hospital with the objective of passing on a percentage or quantity of the collected products. The Special Products line is based on specific demands.

This new profile includes school campaigns, direct sales to companies, new points of sale, new range of products offered by the Bazaar, promotion of products via the internet. In the case of special products, the demands and counterparts must be assessed on time, as well as the terms and contracts for the execution of the project.

Meet some of the items already produced by the Institution:

You can also develop an exclusive product that will be sold at your point of sale, or even allocate part of the sale of your product to Hospital da Baleia. Contact us: (31) 3489-1654 or rededeamigos@hospitaldabaleia.org.br

Legal tax

The Hospital da Baleia, through specific projects, is enrolled in Federal Government programs for individuals and companies to allocate part of the Income Impsoto to our Institution. The modality we are currently raising funds through the FIA ​​(Childhood and Adolescence Fund), authorized by Federal Law No. 8.069 / 90, which was created to raise funds for the fulfillment of policies, programs and actions for socio-family support, protection and defense of the rights of children and adolescents in situations of violence and social risk.

Soon, we will have new projects registered in Pronon (National Support Program for Oncological Care) and in the Elderly Fund. Wait!

The transfer of funds is made through a Public Call Notice. This can be done in two ways: CHANCELA AUTORIZATIVA or FIA GENERAL. The first modality serves entities that have projects approved by the State Council for Children and Adolescents (CEDCA) and do their own fundraising in companies or individuals. Of this funding, 20% goes to the universality of the State FIA, which characterizes the second modality, where the Council, with the balance available at universality, issues a Public Call * to Entities with less chance of raising its own funds.

* In 2017, the board did not issue any public notice for any of these modalities. However, if it is the wish of the taxpayer, he may allocate it to the FIA ​​Geral, which will serve entities in general, including the Hospital da Baleia.

Adopt a bed

In this project, your company can support, together with other organizations, on a shared basis, all the costing of a hospital bed, in order to promote and guarantee improvements in the different services. Be part of this chain of solidarity by contacting us by: rededeamigos@hospitaldabaleia.org.br ou 3489-1653 ou 1654.

Solidary change

Spontaneous donations from customers of partner establishments, in order to encourage the population to collaborate, making them aware of the importance and impact that this action has on the lives of hundreds of thousands of patients. Look for the Friends network and we will give you all the guidance to implement the campaign.

The client is invited to donate his change or part of it to the Hospital da Baleia. When donating, the customer receives a non-tax coupon - printed proof of the operation, with the value of the donation made. Donations are recorded and the amount donated is paid in full and monthly to the Hospital by the partner company. Every process is audited by a specialized company, making the process complete and transparent for both.

Adopt a chair

In this project, your company can support, together with other organizations, on a shared basis, the entire cost of a hemodialysis chair or a patient undergoing treatment, in order to promote and guarantee improvements in the care of the specialty. Be part of this chain of solidarity. Contact: rededeamigos@hospitaldabaleia.org.br or 3489-1653 or 1654.


Since 2001, Hospital da Baleia has promoted the Dinner of Friends of Hospital da Baleia, a charity event that aims to raise funds for the maintenance of the Institution, brand strengthening and fraternization between partners and supporters. The Dinner, which is already part of the social calendar of Belo Horizonte, has its income totally reverted to the Hospital and its patients.

In its last edition, we broke several records: public (more than 700 guests) and collection (more than R $ 300 thousand reversed).
We are already planning the 19th edition, which will be on 28/8/2020.

Do you want to be part of the Dinner? Call (31) 3489-1660.

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Amigos do Baleia Company Seal

Receiving support is always great, but recognizing those who have been our friends throughout the year is even better. To celebrate solidarity, we hold a solemnity ceremony each year to deliver the Seal of the Company Friend of Baleia. There are several types of recognition and companies will be able to use art throughout the year in graphic pieces, on the website and publicize it to customers and the general public.

Do you want to know how to be a Baleia friendly company? Call (31) 3489-1660.

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