Inpatient and outpatient regulations

See some important information for patients admitted to the Hospital da Baleia and their companions

  • Respect the number of visitors and visiting hours;
  • Clean your hands always before and after contacting the patient;
  • Food is not allowed in the Hospital;
  • Avoid touching / manipulating the equipment and materials that the patient is using;
  • Smoking is not permitted in the hospital's internal facilities, including corridors, external bathrooms and accommodation (Municipal law nº 731, of May 31, 1990);
  • The entry of flowers and any object is not allowed without prior authorization;
  • Remove rings, bracelets and watches while you are on the Hospital premises, as these items are a source of contamination;
  • Be silent on the Hospital premises;
  • It is forbidden to hang clothes and layettes on the balconies and / or windows of the wards and apartments;
  • Taking pictures of patients is not allowed.

Check the Visiting Times


  • Visiting hours are from 8 am to 20 pm daily;
  • Patients are entitled to 1 companion;
  • For patients without a companion, 4 visitors will be allowed at a time;
  • For patients with 1 companion, 3 visitors will be allowed at a time.


  • Visiting hours are from 14 pm to 18 pm daily;
  • 2 visitors will be allowed at a time;
  • They are entitled to companions under 18 and over 60;
  • The change of companion may occur every day between 8 am and 20 pm;
  • If in doubt, seek Nursing Supervision.

Medical records and IPI exemption

The Medical and Statistical Archiving Service (SAME) is the sector responsible for keeping medical records safe and traceable. Patients and legal representatives can request copies, following the guidelines below:

According to article 1 of resolution No. 1.638 / 2002, of the Federal Council of Medicine, information about the patient and his/her treatment is confidential, only he/she or his/her legal representative can have access to these documents. Therefore, copies can be removed according to the following provisions:

By the patient:

You can withdraw by presenting an official photo ID.

Parents, when child is under 18:

To withdraw, it is necessary to present the patient's official document, original and copy (identity or birth certificate), copy of the parents' RG and CPF.


Conjugate / partner, legitimate successors of the patient in direct line, or collateral up to the 4th degree (Recommendation Federal Council of Medicine, nº. 3/2014) may request the documentation presenting a copy of the patient's RG, original and copy of the applicant's RG and proof of official bond.

Other requests:

Copies of medical records of living patients may be released to applicants who do not meet the criteria set out in the items described above, provided that the patient authorizes, by proxy (click here and download document), registered with a notary, with a notarized signature and delivered to the Hospital da Baleia by the representative. The document will be analyzed and the applicant will be informed later by telephone / email of the concession or denial.

In order to cover the costs related to the requested copies, the corresponding amount will be passed on to the applicant. The applicant will be notified of the cost upon request. At the time of withdrawal, payment must be made at the Treasury.

SAME may ask the applicant to make an advance deposit if the number of copies exceeds 500. The records will be copied only after proof of payment.

There are two ways to request copies of documentation:

E-mail, sending the following data:

  • patient's name;
  • digital copy of the RG (please scan front and back and attach to the email);
  • date of birth;
  • full address;
  • reason for request;
  • mother's name;
  • probable date of treatment performed at the Hospital;
  • type of treatment performed;
  • Contact phone.

It is recommended to call to confirm receipt of the email.

Personal assistance:

Come to the Hospital da Baleia, with the documents mentioned above and copies to fill out a specific request.

The deadline for complying with the request is 15 working days.

Business Hours:

Monday to Thursday, from 7 am to 16 pm. On Friday, from 7 am to 15 pm.
Sector phone: (31) 3489-1579

Patients treated in some specialties at Hospital da Baleia may request exemption from taxes for vehicle purchases: IPI, IPVA and ICMS.

The Institution's Social Service receives patients' requests and makes a careful analysis of the data of Baleia's patients, after he or she was submitted to consultation with 2 different doctors and received the report completed by the doctors, to request the exemption of these taxes.

The application document will also be evaluated by the Federal and State Revenue.

Private patients or those treated by medical insurance will have to pay a fee to request the necessary documentation. Patients treated by SUS do not pay this fee.

More information: (31) 3489-1602 or 1586.

Patient Safety Unit

The Hospital da Baleia, in accordance with Anvisa's resolution, implemented the Patient Safety Center (NSP), which aims to continuously improve care processes with a focus on patient safety. Specific objectives of the NSP:

  1. Identify and establish the assistance risks associated with work processes;
  2. Carry out the risk management process identified;
  3. Promote the improvement of results through the analysis of the occurrences of the different types of incidents;
  4. Promote a safety culture, implement risk control actions as well as monitor them, mitigating and minimizing their consequences with maximized results. The Baleia’s NSP is formed by representatives of Nursing, Multidisciplinary team, Property Security, Hospital Engineering, Social Communication, IT and Quality.

The NSP do Baleia is formed by representatives of Nursing, Multidisciplinary team, Property Security, Hospital Engineering, Social Communication, IT and Quality.

More information: (31) 3489-1523.