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Popular voting on the Agenda cover has begun

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Agenda 2021 - Registration closed!

Registration for the contest that will choose the cover of the agenda has ended.

Dr. Gam retires at Baleia and leaves a huge legacy.

Since his residence, a physician has taken care of thousands of children from Minas Gerais with clubfoot.

Baleia Hospital is benefited by the Red Cross.

A thousand individual protection kits and alcohol gel units were donated by the agency.

Wing honors one of Baleia's greatest benefactors.

Célia Guimarães Diniz gives name to the space that will take care of patients with COVID-19.

Whale is benefited in partnership with gallery.

Until 31/7, you can purchase works by renowned artists and help the Hospital in the fight against COVID-19.

Whale opens ward to treat COVID-19.

Costed by Vale, the reform created a new space for the care of patients infected with the disease.

Whale launches campaign to combat COVID-19.

Hospital is preparing for calls from COVID-19 and asks for donations.

During the pandemic, Whale Oncology works normally.

Reference treatment in Minas serves with full capacity.

Contest will choose the cover of the Whale Agenda

Check out how to participate. You can have your art stamping the most traditional solidarity product of the Hospital.

#Nursing Month - Part 3

Check out the testimony of another Hospital employee about his profession.

Podcast of Hospital da Baleia

Hospital launches its podcast channel # SaúdeEmDia

Informative chat

Baleia doctor and digital influencer participated in a live to talk about COVID-19.

Baleia opens vacancy for Specialization in Orthopedics

Hospital that has a tradition in the specialty invites you to the selection process.

#Nursing Month - Part 2

Especially in 2020, tributes to nurses become essential.

#BedNursingHH - Part 1

Check out two testimonials from employees in the Hospital area.

Baleia receives help from Vale to equip beds.

To face COVID-19, the philanthropic had the support of the mining company to equip 104 beds.

Solidarity in times of pandemic.

Baleia asks for help from companies and artists to act against COVID-19

Whale creates series for you to pass the quarantine well

Videos with tips will be published on all the Institution's digital platforms.

Whale suffers from abusive prices of medical supplies

The Institution talks about a 3.300% increase in the value of disposable masks.

Whale prepares to contain the coronavirus pandemic

Actions of Hospital da Baleia on COVID-19

Whale trains its employees on COVID-19

Professionals received information about care in case of suspicion or confirmation of the disease.

Whale trains new experts

Hospital reinforces its teaching tradition with over 10 trained doctors.

Baleia promotes show by Geraldo Azevedo

In favor of solidarity with thousands of patients in the State, Baleia counts on you!

Baleia Congress addresses craniofacial deformities

Hospital promotes event to share knowledge.

FBG / HB's CEO receives merit for her social work

Psychologist, trained in psychoanalysis, she has worked for almost 30 years at the Foundation

Women's Day at Baleia Hospital

Whale's shows how many women are part of its workforce.

Welcome to new residents.

Institution receives professionals for medical specialization.

Whale is a reference in patient safety.

Anvisa classified Baleia with high adherence to patient safety practices in 2019.

Whale innovates with Care Line.

Designed by specialists, the care line aims to reduce the time of treatment of cancer patients.

Coronavirus: know everything about this disease.

The virus has killed more than 40 and infected more than XNUMX people worldwide.

Baleia Friendly Company Seal

In this edition, which took place on February 12, companies and individuals were honored for their support throughout 2019.

Whale revalidates the Donate Seal

The honor refers to the transparency of the Institution's governance over the funds received in donation.

Whale inaugurates new Hospitalization Wing

New space was a gift from Direcional Engenharia and SPL Engenharia for the Hospital.

Baleia children's books released

Launching ceremony of books written by patients of Oncopediatrics of Baleia was 28/1.

Whale asks for support to reform Pharmacy.

Campaign will reward its supporters with exclusive gifts.

New year, new website

More modern, more interactive and more accessible. The funds for its revitalization were allocated by the Brazil Foundation.

Whale reopens Pediatric CTI

Campaign raffled the shirt of the Brazilian Football Team and raised the funds for the work.

Whale opens dental office

With resources from Goleada do Bem, the project is the result of the historic match between Brazil vs. Germany at the 2014 World Cup

Whale participates in the Day of Donating

Action has taken place worldwide, since 2014.

Stamp 100 Best NGOs

Baleia is recognized as one of the 100 best philanthropic institutions in the country.

Works of art to be auctioned for the benefit of Baleia

Free exhibition of the collection will take place at the Inimá de Paula Museum.

# OBaleiaContaCom Você!

Hospital launches its new fundraising campaign

Medical Residence 2020

Check out the information here:

A successful night!

The traditional Baleia Dinner set a record for public and fundraising. Last Thursday, August 22, we celebrated the 75th Dinner of the Friends of the Whale. In addition to offering solidarity, we also celebrated XNUMX years of a beautiful journey of assistance to thousands of miners. An unforgettable night that was only possible thanks to those involved: […]

Jota Quest at the Whale Dinner 2019

Two reasons to celebrate: your 75 years and the solidarity of your friends. This year, the traditional Dinner of Friends of Hospital da Baleia will be even more special. In July, the institution that is a reference in philanthropy in the state, celebrates 75 years of a trajectory built on the pillars of excellence and humanization of medical care. To celebrate its springs and […]


A memorable night for solidarity

Jantar 2018

Find out all about the event that offers solidarity

Come on!

Dinner that offers solidarity from Minas Gerais.

Balance Sheet 2018

Check here the accounting balance of Hospital Baleia.

HB Friendly Tax

Don’t leave it to the Lion, donate it to the Whale.

HB Friend Tax

Donate to Baleia via FIA

Friend Tax 2018

Donate your IR to the Whale

HB Medical Specialization

Check here the official feedback.

HB Specialization

Notice and registration here.

HB Medical Residence 2018

Learn more about the selection process here.

Balance Sheet

See Baleia's Balance Sheet, fiscal year 2016.

Nutrition up to date

Foods rich in fiber are good for health.

Health Tip

Spine expert talks about the weight of school bags.

Nutrition Tip

Water consumption


Baleia awards companies that supported Baleia in 2017


December 9 - Speech Therapy Day


December 2 - Pan American Health Day


Pediatric ward cabinets


November 23 - Day against child cancer


November 20 - Biomedical Day


November 18 - Day to fight dengue


The Whale Nephrology service is a reference in Minas Gerais

Blue november

November 17 - Prostate Cancer Day


November 14 - World Diabetes Day


Refoundation of the Baleia Health Council

# 1MillionFriends

Whale launches its year-end campaign. Check out!

Blue november

Authority on the subject talks about prevention.


Integrated Radiotherapy Service.


November 8 - Radiologist's Day


November 6 - Laughter Day

Stay tuned!

Specialization Program in Orotpedia


October 18 - Doctor's Day


October 17 - Vaccination Day


October 15 - Teacher's Day


Without pain, it becomes easier to face the difficulties of everyday life. We celebrate the importance of this professional. We congratulate, in particular, the members of the Anesthesiology team at Hospital da Baleia.


Check the accountability of donations received by Araujo and EPA.


October 13 - Physiotherapist Day


Let us celebrate children's day wishing that all of them have the guarantee of a beautiful and joyful future like them.


PCR training is carried out by Continuing Education

Children's Month

Whale patients go to the cinema


October 1st - Day of the Elderly


Awareness raising action in Baleia about childhood cancer.


4th Feijoada Beneficente Patuscada


September 30 - Secretary's Day

Solidary Change at Mart Minas

Jd's store. Riacho das Pedras collected for Baleia


Book that addresses childhood cancer in a playful way was presented at FLI-BH 2017


Solidary change at Mart Minas


September 27 - Organ Donation Day


Day of taking care of self-esteem


Child and youth cancer.


The importance of early diagnosis of childhood cancer

Ocean of solidarity

Sintram innovates and embraces the cause of Hospital da Baleia


September 22 - World Car Free Day