Services through the Single System
of Health (SUS) in BH

How does SUS care at Hospital da Baleia work?

The Unified Health System (SUS) is a public service of the Federal Government funded by taxes paid by Brazilian citizens. Most of the services provided by Baleia are patients referred by this type of assistance. The Hospital does not offer the First Care service (emergency care and / or first aid), so the patients treated here are referred by the Belo Horizonte Municipal Health Department. For referrals, the gateway to care via SUS is through the Health Centers and Posts in the municipalities of Minas Gerais.

To request assistance, the person must present an identity card and CPF, in case of first consultation, or the National Health Card, which identifies him as a SUS user. If the patient needs to continue treatment, the Municipal Health Department of the city where the patient resides will schedule appointments, tests, hospitalizations and medium and high complexity treatments, such as cancer and kidney transplantation.

In which cases can you count on us?

In case of non-medical emergency:

Inside BH:

For residents of Belo Horizonte, patients who need to continue the treatment will be scheduled, through the SUS Specialized Consultation Appointment Center, for consultations in hospitals serving this type of assistance, respecting the limitation of vacancies and the date of attendance. If the demand is high, the patient enters the electronic queue. Understand that it is the public agency that manages these vacancies, not hospitals. Each Health Center has a monthly quota of the offer by specialty. When the appointment is made, the data (day, time, place, name of the doctor) are passed on to the patient by the Center itself, through a document, which is also sent to the service provider who will continue the reception.

Outside BH:

For patients from the interior of Minas Gerais who need to be transferred to Belo Horizonte, the Municipal Health Secretariat of the city of origin of this patient contacts the Out-of-Home Treatment (TFD) agency, a sector of the state SUS that treats patients who do not live in the capital of Minas Gerais. Municipal secretariats do not have access to the Appointment Center and the TFD is the sector that makes this bridge between the public service and the hospital that will serve the patient. The data to be informed to the patients are passed on by the employees of the Secretariat of their city. After dialing, the number generated authorizes the Belo Horizonte provider to host it. Transport and accommodation, if necessary, will be provided by the patient's city of origin, as stated in the TFD rules.

When the patient's condition requires hospitalization:

Inside BH:

The patient, resident in BH, is transferred to a First Care Unit (UPA) and the Appointment Center requests a place to transfer him to the hospital he serves via SUS. The case will be analyzed by the regulating doctors of the Central who, realizing the need, authorize the hospital where there are places to receive the patient.

Outside BH:

The city hall of the city where the patient resides requests the TFD, which will make the connection with the Appointment Center. The request will be analyzed by the regulating doctors of the Center which authorizes the patient to come to the institution where there are vacancies.

When the patient needs highly complex exams or treatment:

For both residents of Belo Horizonte and residents of the countryside of Minas Gerais, the procedure is the same. If patients need to undergo a high-cost examination such as tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, echocardiography, among others, the Health Centers and City Halls request the Central to schedule these tests. The same goes for highly complex procedures, such as hemodialysis and cancer treatments. The municipal commissions, formed by doctors from the Central, refer the patient according to the vacancies offered by the providers.

Coverage Map:

795 municipalities served, 88% of which are from Minas Gerais

If in doubt, check out some useful addresses and phone numbers:

SUS Ombudsman Service (Federal)

Dial 136
Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 20 pm, and Saturdays, from 8 am to 18 pm

Belo Horizonte Municipal Health Secretariat

Av. Afonso Pena, 2336 - Funcionários
SOS Health (31) 3277-7722
Monday to Friday, 8 am to 18 pm

Belo Horizonte Municipal Health Council

Av. Afonso Pena, 2336 - Pilotis
Phone: (31) 3277-7733
Fax: 3277-7814