All purchases of goods and services, with parliamentary funds, are made through bidding processes, in the most diverse modalities. However, all of these modalities require that, in the course of it, the principle of publicity be obeyed, where it is said that public bodies and / or private entities, that use public funds, should never commit obscure acts, in spite of society and control bodies. , and must disclose their actions in an ethical, transparent and democratic way, through publications in the disclosure bodies, such as DOU (Official Gazette of the Union) or DOE (Official Gazette of the State), in addition to making these acts public, on the websites of these executing bodies. Therefore, we reiterate that, in order for us to comply with the dictates of the bidding law, it is necessary that all phases of the bidding processes are made available on the Foundation's website, for the awareness of society and the inspection bodies.

Check out all the current bidding processes and the documentation for each one of them: