Supplier Portal

The practices of Hospital da Baleia in the Supply Chain aim to contribute to the socioeconomic development of regions influenced by the business. We seek suppliers committed to ethics, transparency, sustainability and the enhancement of human resources.

We establish supply chain relationship policies and guidelines with COMPLIANCE in all activities involving our suppliers.

We maintain a base of registration of suppliers of goods and services essential to our demands, which also includes local companies. We reinforce that supplier companies need to be aligned with this Management model and meet the criteria of compliance, quality, cost, health requirements, occupational safety and the environment.

We work with the principle of reciprocity in the relationship with our suppliers. Therefore, it is essential that the actions carried out by Hospital da Baleia are also part of the reality of the supplying companies.

  • To be part of our supplier base, the following conditions must be observed:
  • Be up to date with legal obligations, mainly in tax, social security, labor, social and environmental aspects;
  • Ensure compliance with the Code of ethics with stakeholders (employees, service providers, community, customers and suppliers);
  • Commit to adopting human rights principles, such as not using child labor and slave-like labor;
  • Know and act proactively regarding the principles of Quality, Safety and Environment Management.

Therefore, before being registered, companies go through a qualification process as described in the Supplier's Manual. After being registered and starting any type of supply, we make frequent evaluations and follow-up visits to ensure the service and development of the supplier.


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