Dr. Gam retires at Baleia and leaves a huge legacy.

Posted on June 18, 2020

Doctor has taken care of thousands of children from Minas Gerais since his residence with clubfoot.

Last week (9/6), Hospital da Baleia, which has one of the most traditional Orthopedics and Traumatology centers in the country, says goodbye to one of its most relevant figures: Dr. Gustavo Alves de Mendonça, who retires leaving a huge legacy to everyone who had the honor of meeting him. The doctor worked for more than 50 years and was one of the first and most important students of Professor José Henrique da Matta Machado, creator of the clinic at the Institution and pioneer in the implementation of extension courses in the area, in the same way as the Medical Residency is known today in Brazil. Over the years, Gustavo Alves de Mendonça, affectionately called by his initials Dr. Gam, has become the greatest reference in knowledge and practice of clubfoot, a sub-specialty of Pediatric Orthopedics.

Dr. Gam, affectionately called by his patients, colleagues and friends, says goodbye to Baleia and leaves a huge legacy.

According to Wagner Nogueira, one of the most important orthopedists in the country and who has been working at the Hospital da Baleia for over 30 years, where he was also the area's coordinator, Mendonça's performance strengthened the orthopedic tradition in the Institution and on the national scene.

I have known Gustavo for 39 years, ever since he was an assistant professor at the Department of Locomotor Apparatus at UFMG, where he headed years later and I was a visiting professor. In addition, it is worth mentioning that he was a faithful squire of Matta Machado and even an instrumentalist in his surgeries.

Dr. Wagner Nogueira, orthopedist at Hospital da Baleia

For him, in this pandemic moment, time seems to stop at some moments, which leads to rethinking values, the present and the future.

Certainly, continuing Gustavo's legacy, taking care of patients with excellence and transferring knowledge at the Medical Residence to train new professionals, is our great challenge.

Dr. Wagner Nogueira, orthopedist at Hospital da Baleia

The president of the Benjamin Guimarães Foundation / Hospital da Baleia, Tereza Guimarães Paes, said that the vision of her great-grandfather, founder of the Institution, combined with Matta Machado's partnership in the 1950s, enabled Baleia to consolidate itself as a national reference in Orthopedics .

Our Hospital was the first in Brazil to offer specialization to recently graduated doctors, long before the regulation of the medical residency program as a post-graduate teaching modality.

Tereza Guimarães Paes, CEO of the Benjamin Guimarães Foundation / Hospital da Baleia

It was precisely in this specialty that the Institution started its recognized path dedicated to teaching and research in Medicine.

We are very grateful to Dr. Gustavo. There were countless children treated at Baleia with such affection and affection and who received as a gift the certainty of being able to walk with their own feet.

Tereza Guimarães Paes, CEO of the Benjamin Guimarães Foundation / Hospital da Baleia