#Nursing Month - Part 3

Posted on May 20, 2020

Check out the testimony of another Hospital employee about his profession.

On May 20, we celebrate the Day of the Nursing Technician and Assistant. To you, for the attention and dedication of each day, our thanks! And, to also talk a little about the profession, fears and challenges, we invite Flávio Barbosa, a nursing technician at the Hospital da Baleia Inpatient Unit. Check out!

Year in and year out, news and news in several areas always appear, but exclusively in the field of health, this COVID-19 pandemic has changed everyone's life. We, nursing technicians, are on the front line, taking risks, which makes us anxious and concerned, as it is a dangerous disease. For this reason, well-done and careful attire is essential. I would like to thank the nurse Izabella Vieira, from SCIH, for the lessons and guidance. I have the pleasure and immense commitment to be part of the Nursing team of this institution. I especially praise those working in Ward 4: the techniques Regiane, Lorena, Aparecida, Janaína, Márcia and the supervising nurse Kênia, with whom I obtained several opportunities for knowledge and learning, on how to be part of the team that provides palliative care at this Hospital . Thank you all! Congratulations to all nursing technicians and technicians, my acknowledgment to all of you, not only for your affection and love for the profession and for your neighbor, but also for PROFESSIONALISM, TECHNICAL COMPETENCE AND COMMITMENT on a daily basis. ”

Flávio Barbosa, nursing technician at the Inpatient Unit