During the pandemic, Whale Oncology works normally.

Posted on May 27, 2020

Reference treatment in Minas Gerais serves with full capacity.

Reaffirming the commitment to take care of those in need, Baleia maintains service in the specialties it is a reference and are indispensable to the population. This is the case of Oncology, one of the institution's most traditional services.

The Baleia Oncology Center is a state reference in serving adults and children and young people.

Created in 1982 for adult care and expanded to pediatric care in 2003, the Baleia Oncology Center holds more than 30 chemotherapy and radiotherapy sessions per year. There are 26 thousand outpatient visits, more than 3 thousand surgeries and hospitalizations, more than 40 thousand chemotherapy, radiotherapy and hormone therapy sessions and more than 55 thousand exams assisting patients who are mostly referred by SUS.

These numbers did not drop during the COVID-19 pandemic, as they are life-saving procedures, says Carolina Mourão, advisor to the Technical Superintendence of Hospital da Baleia.

Patients are afraid to come to care, because of the disease and because they are at risk, but we advise them to attend, as treatment is essential and we are prepared to receive them, respecting all the standards recommended by WHO.

Carolina Mourão, advisor to the Technical Superintendence of Hospital da Baleia.

Stopping treatment is something that can aggravate cancer cases, even leading to death. The Oncology Center records a percentage of 20% of patients not attending therapeutic sessions at this time of pandemic.

According article published by the portal Uol de Notícias, during the outbreak of the new coronavirus, 7 out of 10 patients have their cancer surgery canceled, which can lead to death in 20% of cases. Baleia always seeks to meet the demands of the Municipal Oncology Council and does not intend to stop doing so.

Innovating service:

To account for the number of visits, the Hospital da Baleia created a complete line of care, which draws the entire path that the patient will take from the beginning to the end of his treatment.

We receive the patient diagnosed with cancer and, with the support of a multidisciplinary team, he is attended to all his needs, involving, in addition to qualified cancer care, psychological, social, nutritional, dental support and, if applicable , speech therapy and physiotherapy.

Carolina Mourão, advisor to the Technical Superintendence of Hospital da Baleia.

About the service:

The Oncology Center operates in 2 adjoining buildings of the Hospital da Baleia Hospital Complex: Antônio Mourão and Radiotherapy Unit. The Center is highly specialized and operates from the detection of the disease, through surgeries, chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments, to the post-treatment monitoring of the patient. The team is formed by multidisciplinary professionals who dedicate their time and specific knowledge to each case.


It is important to note that serious illnesses have not ceased to appear nor can their care be paused due to the pandemic. Hospitals that survive on donations continue to rely on the solidarity of the mining society to also take care of these patients.

Donation is important to combat COVID-19, but we need donations to provide the quality and humanized care that the patient so deserves.

Danielle Ferreira, Hospital Resource Mobilization manager

As the service is mostly offered to SUS patients, who underfund the care provided by the Institution, the Hospital has the support of the mining society to maintain this and other activities. There are several ways to help Baleia, choose yours at: bit.ly/QueroAjudarOHB.

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